When you are deciding which color to buy, we can give some basic advice: Green TKTX contains 8% lidocaine, 8% prilocaine and 2% adrenaline, which has the highest concentration of active compound. The remaining 5 colors have the same active ingredients: 5% lidocaine, 5% prilocaine and 1% adrenaline.However, the same combinations are still expressed in different percentages on numbing cream. see the details below.Different color mixtures are different. Therefore, even if the combination of active ingredients is almost identical and strong, the actual cream composition will vary. Since not everyone has the same skin and your body has different characteristics, TKTX offers consumers different absorption characteristics and distinguishes them by colors.
TKTX Green 40% (Strongest)  Deep Numb Cream
$1.99 - $4.69
MOQ   50
TKTX White 40% Numbing Cream Tattoo Cream tktx china factory tktx hologram
$1.99 - $4.69
MOQ   50
TKTX Black 40% tattoo numbing cream
$1.99 - $4.69
MOQ   50
40% Red TKTX Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body,tktx factory
$1.99 - $4.69
MOQ   50
We are a manufacturer of factory direct selling products. You can buy our TKTX products at a lower price. We provide global delivery, and free postage, welcome to order! If you need to purchase in bulk, please contact me!
What is TKTX?
It is the best numbing cream and prescription-free cream that helps to numb the skin before tattoos, cosmetic, laser, medical and needle-related procedures.
Why are there so many different types of TKTX creams?
Each cream is formulated differently but essentially provide the same purpose; fast-acting temporary numbing of the skin.
Where can it be applied?
It should only be used on normal, unbroken skin before certain procedures such as tattoos, cosmetic, laser, medical and needle-related procedures.
How should I use TKTX?
Use TKTX cream exactly as directed on the label, or as it has been prescribed by your doctor. Do not apply TKTX cream in larger amounts than recommended. Avoid contact with eyes.
What are the active ingredients?
It contains: 5% lidocaine, 5% prilocaine and 1% epinephrine.
How long does the numbing effect last?
It can variate from person to person as everyone reacts differently but as a guide, it can generally last between 3-5 hours.
How long before it takes effect?
The creams usually tend to take around 20 minutes to take effect. Please read the label as each cream has different activation times.
What colour is the cream?
Most of our TKTX cream is manufactured with no colour which makes it white, however we do also manufacture pink cream, the colour of the cream makes no difference to the strength of the product.